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Wall Paints

Wall paints come in many kinds but each kind may fall into one of two main categories or types: latex or water-based and alkyd or the oil-based type. Both types are durable but may differ in terms of drying time and in the process of cleaning. Between the two, the water-based or latex paint dries faster. It is also easier to clean as this can be washed with soap and water. The alkyd type needs a catalyst to assist in drying and cleaning requires the use of mineral spirits or thinners.

Apart from the two main categories or types, paint can also come in different finishes. Wall paints can have a matte finish, semi-gloss finish or a high gloss finish. The matte finish is best on interior walls. This works best on walls which have a lot of imperfections such as bumps and cracks. As this paint does not reflect light, it hides away the imperfections on walls. The semi-gloss finish produces a nice subtle shine while the high gloss finish is extremely glossy with an almost reflective quality. High gloss paints can pronounce wall imperfections.

The type of paint to be used for painting walls is usually a matter of preference on the part of the individual. However, to come up with an excellent painting outcome, the paint must be well applied in order to avoid unnecessary problems. The application of the latex and alkyd wall paints may vary. For example, alkyd paints may need an alkyd basecoat while latex paint may work well only with latex primers and basecoats.

Application of the two types of paint may vary in several ways but it is essential in every painting job that existing wall paints that have been damaged should be scraped or cleaned first before applying a new coat.

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